Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wimpy Kid

It was Halloween day. I'd discovered Jeff Kinney's Diary of a
Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever. My favorite big soft chair in the Orono
Library was free. Louise and Joyce weren't being vigilant in guarding
their candy. Louise had dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Heavenly!
This is the sixth book in Kinney's series and, in my mind, his
finest so far. There is the perfect blend of plot, humor, and good
natured satire. Parents who think their children spend entirely too
much time (and money) on video games will chuckle over Greg's Net
Kritterz obsession. His virtual chihuahua has more possessions than
most people. Once he plays sixteen hours without a bathroom break.
Kids will find the ineptitude and scammish nature of Greg's school
fund raiders interesting and be quite amused when an anti-bullying
slogan contest results is a massive fist fight.
The time leading up to Christmas is not a source of joy for
Greg. His Mom has Santa's scout keeping watch on his behavior. Then
not only Father Christmas, but the police may have him under
surveillance. Of course just when it looks like things couldn't
possibly get worse...
...you gotta read the book to find out. :)
On a personal note, Santa, family, and friends were good to me! My
favorite gifts were made by hand: lotsa cookies and candy and an
exquisite snowflake ornament Leah crocheted for me. The money will
help with Joey's operation. I'm also partial to a lovely musical snow
globe engraved "Our Town 2012" (a pivotal event in my life) and a gift
card that enabled me to build a bear, Christine Leah. Yes, I did the
heart ceremony.
A great big shout out goes out to the loved ones who were so generous
and kind.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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