Friday, January 11, 2013

Marisol McDonald

My younger daughter goes to work and school looking like she
just stepped off the cover of Vogue. She's a beautiful girl and
totally stylish. My look is more...whimsical. Often my outfit du
jour is met with a sigh and, "Mom, that doesn't match." Therefore,
when I saw Monica Brown's Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match (told in
English and Spanish) it was love at first sight.
Marisol loves her brown skin and fire colored hair. She combines
her favorite clothes creatively. She takes peanut butter and jelly
burritos to school for lunch. One day a classmate tells her she
couldn't match if she wanted to. The results are... the book and see. It is a wonderful assertion of the
beauty of the many kids who don't match or really want to. OK, not
just kids as I'm living proof.
On a personal note, here are the FAQs as promised:
1) Did you read all those books?
Well yeah.
2) Where did you find them? Publishers send some. I discover others
when the library acquires them. Then there are the gems I read about
in magazines, the newspaper, or other books or discover on covert ops
at other libraries. Joyce is great at acquiring them through inter
library loan.
3) Would you put down a book that didn't capture your interest?
In a heartbeat.
4) Do you have biases in book selection?
Joey cat continues to recover beautifully from his surgery.
A great big shout out goes out to my inter library loan superstar,
Julia Emily Hathaway

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