Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcoming Home Baby

Tricia Drake decided she wanted to knit hats for her children.
The prospect did not fill her with joy. She then had six kids and
felt it would be a laborious process she wouldn't have time for using
fine yarn and small needles.
A question from her sister made Tricia realize there was no
reason (other than convention) that she couldn't use the larger
needles she was more comfortable with. It wasn't long before she was
selling her creations. Welcoming Home Baby The Handcrafted Way: 20
Quick & Creative Knitted Hats, Wraps, & Cozy Coccoons For Your Newborn
gives instructions for her most popular designs.
What I like best is the boldness of Tricia's creations. Babies
are exuberant little beings who deserve more than the traditional pink
and blue or an ambiguous yellow. A lovely little coccoon is done in
ocean shades. A dear blanket is created in watermelon pink and
green. All kinds of fancy yarn and even ribbon are incorporated. A
very novel shawl coccoon creates privacy for a nursing mother and her
The instructions are accompanied by friendly narrative. A
knitter with some background could whip up a lovely little treasure in
a matter of hours to bring to a shower or garb a brand new baby or
grandbaby in style. If you're a craftsperson with the prospect of
welcoming a little one into your world you can't do better.
On a personal note, Labor Day weekend I was very lucky to go to a
church giveaway. People in that congregation had collected and
attractively displayed a wealth of treasures: clothes, books,
furniture, housewares... Whether offering bags and boxes or serving
coffee and yummy cookies, they were friendly, enthusiastic, and
helpful. That is what I call Christianity in action.
A great big shout out (with wishes for a year of abundant blessings)
goes out to Community Church of the Open Door.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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