Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dog Tips From Dog Town

They accompany their people in Orono Public Library. A seeing
eye dog takes vigilent care of a man. A puffy tailed black and white
puppy greets friends with excited yips and slurpy kisses. They are
secure critters, in sync with their two leggeds.
Not all dogs are this lucky. People sometimes adopt man's best
friend without much thought. Kids get tired of pet care, leaving the
chore to mom and dad. A tiny puppy grows into awkward adulthood. Do
you know how many chihuahuas were neglected or abandoned when
pocketbook pets became passé?
I believe any would be dog owner should read Dog Tips From Dog
Town: A Relationship Manual For You And Your Dog. The key word in
the title is relationship. Ideally a bond of commitment is built
between a unique human and an equally unique canine to the benefit of
Dog Tips From Dog Town takes would be dog owners through the
step by step process. Before they even decide to adopt they are urged
to examine their motives and situation carefully. Dogs must be
carefully matched to prospective households. The house must be pooch
proofed. Ground rules should be decided on in advance and
consistently enforced. Then there's training. No matter how well
that goes there are bound to be accidents.
If this seems like a lot of work, remember thevreward it can
lead to: a treasured companion who will adore you even when the rest
of the world lets you down!
On a personal note, I had the most amazing birthday possible. Some of
my dearest friends gave me a party. The hubby took the family out for
supper. So many cards, phone calls, emails, gifts! I love birthdays
A great big shout out goes out to the treasured companions--both
canine and feline--who add so much to our lives.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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