Monday, June 4, 2012

The Smiley Book of Colors

Picture book
I have just discovered the most perfect book EVER for teaching
about colors. Ruth Kaiser's The Smiley Book of Colors is a visual
treat for kids and parents. And it helps one see the world from a
fresh new perspective.
Kaiser has the ability to discover natural smiley faces
everywhere: a basketball hoop, the front of a sneaker, a strawberry
slice, macaroni and cheese... Eventually she started putting her
photos on facebook. People responded and sent her theirs. Now people
can help Operation Smile, a group that gives free surgeries to third
world children with facial defects, by uploading photos. Talk about
something to smile about!
The text is boldly upbeat. There is a wonderful stress on the
power of a person to emphasize the good or the "ick" in the world--a
message no one is too young or old to hear. Forgiving and choosing
deliberately how to react are suggested. Cutting slack when faced
with a big problem is also. The philosophy seems summed nicely in
this sentance: "Life is yours to define."
But the pictures are surely the stars of the book! Heck, I'm
keeping it so they can inspire me even my kids are way older than its
target audience with no grands in sight!
On a personal note, I will choose to focus on my wonderful family
(including cat) and friends rather than the fact it will rain all week.
A great big shout out goes out to Asa Adams school principal, Paula
McHugh, for showing that even under the most trying circumstances it's
possible to stay positive. Way to go, Paula! :-)
Julia Emily Hathaway

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