Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hearts In Suspension

Hearts In Suspension

Adult nonfiction
Most of us, coming up on landmark alma mater anniversaries such
as reunions:
A) wonder who we'll see (if we choose to attend) and how much they're
B) hope we're not the left behinds of the class
C) maybe buy a new outfit, dye out the grey, try to shed a few pounds or
D) all of the above.
I guess when you're a majorly famous author and a school's
outstanding alum more is expected of you. Shortly before Stephen King
hit the 50th anniversary of his freshman entrance the University of
Maine made him an offer he didn't refuse (much to his many fans' great
good fortune).
The book they propositioned King to contribute to, Hearts In
Suspension, is centered around his 1999 novella "Hearts In Atlantis."
It's a story set in UMaine which focuses on a student's freshman year
and the hearts frenzy that dangerously diverts him and his dormmates
from their studies. But that's just the beginning.
King has written a piece about his own college experience as
have a bunch of his friends from back in the day. They piece together
like a crazy quilt and give you quite an interesting picture of
sixties collegiate life as viewed through the perspective of time and
experience. There are also some of King's garbage trucks courtesy of
the Maine Campus archives.
The piece de resistance, the cherry on the ice cream sundae, is
the section of intriguing vintage photographs.
Stephen King fans--don't let this be the one that got away.
Track it down and buckle up for a real roller coaster ride. You'll be
glad you did!
On a personal note, we had a wonderful community garden evening. We
were able to stuff the bags very full with good veggies and enjoy the
concert. Our recipients were thrilled. I have also been gleaning
from the Orono
Public Library's great bumper crop of new books. You, of course, will
reap the results of my reading.
A great big shout out goes out to my Orono Community Garden and Orono
Public Library families.
jules hathaway

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