Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Save Me A Seat

Save Me A Seat

Juvenile fiction
"I want say
1. My English is fine.
2. I don't need Miss Frost
3. I was at the top of my class at Vidya Mandir.
But here is what I do instead:
1. Push up my glasses.
2. Rub my nose.
3. Sit down and fold my hands.
My friends and teachers at Vidya Mandir would have a good laugh
if they could see me now--their star student taken for an idiot. What
a joke!"
Ravi and his family have just moved to New Jersey from India. A
stand out student in his native land, he's not prepared to be
considered in need of resource room in his new country. His teacher
and classmates have a hard time understanding him because of his
accent. Math is done differently. Then there's the culture shock.
And he has parents and grandparents, whom he does not want to shame,
eager for every detail about his educational experience.
"It's Monday, so the cafeteria is serving chicken fingers with
canned peas and apple slices. I had a big breakfast and it's only
11:30, but I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. For real. I go through
the line as fast as I can. Ethan and Evan and I used to eat at the
round table near the milk machine, but things are different now. I
have to lie low..."
Joe, in contrast, has lived in the same town all his life. He's
no big fan of school...with the exception of lunch. Only even that
bright spot in his day is getting sketchy. His only two friends have
moved away. Even worse, after losing her nursing job, his mother has
taken a job as a lunch monitor. The school bullies see a bright
opportunity in that.
Two boys who seemingly have nothing in common are floundering in
fifth grade, each feeling overwhelmed and alone. But sometimes help
can come from the most unlikely ally.
That's the empowering message of Save Me A Seat.
On a personal note, Eugene and I did our traditional 4th of July
festivities. We started off with the Bangor parade. My favorite
parts were the bands (especially the steel drums one) and the vintage
cars. Then we went to his folks for barbeque. We finished off with
the fireworks over to Brewer. I was casting a vote of faith that
America's current course can be changed and we can become a nation
with liberty and justice for all.
A great big shout out goes out to all who could commemorate without
jules hathaway

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