Monday, August 24, 2015

There Are Monsters Everywhere

There Are Monsters Everywhere

Picture Book
When my children were young we read Mercer Mayer's There's A
Nightmare in My Closet quite a few times. It wasn't til last week,
though, til I discovered the 2005 sequel, There Are Monsters
Everywhere. I really was in the mood to read a book like that'll see.
Mayer's Everychild protagonist lives in a home overrun by
monsters. He doesn't have to deal with the ones who dwell in the
basement. The ones near the trash cans and in the bathroom and his
bedroom (he sleeps in a fortified top bunk) are another story. Of
course they always hide when Mon and Dad are around. One day our hero
gets fed up with being scared and signs up for karate class. After
learning lots of scary moves he's ready to show those old monsters
who's boss...even to venture into the basement and sleep in the bottom
A read aloud of this book or its prequel along with stories of
parents' own monster moments might help a child find a way to deal
with his or her fears. I was terrified by Smoky the Bear. When he
reminded my peers and my that only we could prevent forest fires and
other flare ups I took him a little too seriously. I had plenty of
nights lying awake plotting how to rescue my parents, Harriet, and our
many companion animals in case I woke up to find out home engulfed in
On a personal note, I feel like there are monsters everywhere. I have
a cat who is highly sensitive to fleas. No matter how dilligently, I
clean, vacuum, and spray they keep coming back. The vets say recent
years have been really bad flea ones. I keep thinking this has
something to do with global climate change. Practically all my other
projects are on hold and I see fleas in my nightmares.
A great big shout out goes out to all the vets who are helping us
protect our companion cats and dogs and the scientists who are
HOPEFULLY working on safe and effective flea pesticides.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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