Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary...

YIKES! It has been awhile since I posted a review on my blog!
I have a good reason. I have been doing entirely different kind of
I have journals dating back to 1980 when I was in undergraduate
college. The majority are from my 25 year maternity leave. As part
of my spring cleaning I opted to get them in order. I decided that
would involve reading them. What a wonderful trip down memory lane!
I also came to some conclusions.
1) I am so glad I created these precious books. It wasn't
always easy to find time to journal. Some years in particular
required self discipline. I'm thinking especially of college when I
worked on campus and did odd jobs, was active in extracurriculars like
theater and student government, and spent a lot of time socializing
and early parenting years when I had three young children and a typing
business. Not to mention that my husband was constantly telling me
there was no need of such waste of time writing. From this
perspective it is the best gift I could possibly have given myself.
So many precious memories that would have otherwise been lost. I'm
also glad I included many visual additions like pictures, stickers,
cartoons etc.
2) I wondered if I would have any major regrets. Maybe this is
something many of us wonder. I guess I feel vulnerable since I am not
having luck finding any kind of job, never mind the type of
professional job my Katie would call a big person job. (That horse
has definitely left the barn). The good news is I DO NOT. I loved
the wonderful quarter of a century I spent raising children. I feel
like I did the right thing for my kids and me. Those were years well
3) I am consistantly a creative person and wholistic rather than
linear thinker. I love surprises and insights. Although I work
diligently I am much more of a wing and a prayer than a thrive on
routine type. Sharon Brady, a friend of mine who works in special
education, once compared my life to riding down a river where calm
stretches alternate with white water rapids. She got that right. I'm
also a passionate fighter for what I believe in. And, last but not
least, I'm a mindful liver, taking delight in everything from
decorating Christmas trees to weeding onions to reading with Joey cat
on my lap. This is who I am. This is who I will always be. Whatever
the next chapter of my life includes (your guess is as good as mine) I
have to do it my way.
On a personal note, I encourage you, dear reader, to begin to journal
if you don't already do so. Even if you have a very busy life try at
least three sentences a day. Your life is unique, very much worth
celebrating. And you don't need fancy expensive journals. Even a
spiral notebook and pen will do. If electronics are your preference
that also can work.
A great big shout out goes out to all the people and companion animals
who have helped me evolve to be the person I am today.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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