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Alexander returns

Alexander returns

Picture book
If you're anything like me you fell in love with Judith Viorst's
Alexander ages ago when he had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad
day. (I've heard that has been turned into a movie. Will I watch
it? Your guess is as good as mine.) You probably chuckled, both from
amusement and a slight self recognition while reading the sequels
which do very much live up to the promise of the original. And you
would have snatched up the latest volume (Alexander, Who's Trying His
Best to Be the Best Boy Ever) featuring this tousle haired, grimy
faced every child.
Alexander does not enjoy the consequences (a bad bellyache and a
day without tv or video games--not to mention the taunts of his
brothers) of eating a whole box of doughnuts (and choosing a bad place
to hide the empty box). He decides to stop getting into trouble by
being the best boy ever for the complete and entire rest of his life.
He struggles valiently, encountering quite a few temptations to slip
up, only to be stunned by a realization that any of us who have tried
to lose weight permanently, quit smoking, stop procrastinating, or
keep up with a myriad of other resolutions can relate to.
Isidre Mones' illustrations (in the style of Ray Cruz) are the
perfect accompaniment to the text. Alexander's portrayel in color
with the rest of the picture in black and white helps keep the
emphasis on the struggle the hero is having with himself while
creating a lot of fine visual humor.
On a personal note, I had a very Alexander like experience in March.
I lost my wallet when I misplaced it at the University. As in the
gazillionth thing I've misplaced. I was wondering how to break that
habit. Then I remembered how I have used a date book with meticulous
notations to keep track of all the places I have to go and things I
have to do. So I got a pocket size notebook. Each day I put only
what I need in my backpack and write down what it is. Then each time
I am about to go another place I take inventory. Almost 2 weeks with
nothing lost. Personal best.
A great big shout out goes out to all who struggle with areas of
Julia Emily Hathaway

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