Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Little Humans

Little Humans

Picture book
I'm a huge, huge fan of Brandon Stanton's excellent
photojournalism book, Humans Of New York. Last week, much to my
delight, I discovered he has created a picture book version, Little
Little Humans is a compilation of Stanton's favorite photographs
of children, tied together with a poetic tribute. The children are
amazing. Their confidence and joi de vivre just jumps out whether
they're sledding down a hill, playing a huge cello, cradling a puppy,
or just hanging out with friends. Their attire is individual and
distinct, not a mall brand name compilation or catalog copy. A boy
with a baseball in his glove combines a button down shirt, tweed
jacket, and polka dot bow tie with jeans and work boots. A little
girl twirls in a frilly fluffy dress and traditional Islamic head
Little Humans is a wonderful book to share with the little
humans in your life. Possibly it could inspire older elementary and
middle school students to do photojournalistic projects of their own.
On a personal note, before this year is over I plan to start my own
photojournalist book focussing on couples who have been married 50 or
so years.
A great big shout out goes out to couples who have stayed together for
decades, never forsaking one another. What a beautiful example they
set for the rest of us!
Julia Emily Hathaway

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