Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Skink No Surrender

Skink No Surrender

YA fiction
Carl Hiaasen has written for adults and children. When I saw
that his first YA novel was in print my curiosity was more than
piqued. Skink No Surrender is quite the wild ride, a story that
should please adventure loving youngsters between the worlds of
chapter book and adult wing.
It's not like Richard's cousin, Malley, hasn't run away before.
She's taken off to protest being punished or just out of boredom. But
Richard feels that things are dangerously different this time. Malley
has gone off with someone she met over the Internet, someone who has
stolen the identity of a dead soldier. Richard is frantically trying
to tract her down, accompanied by Skink, a one eyed former governor he
just met, an eccentric man who meets out justice in a very unique when
he sees someone littering or stealing turtle eggs.
Richard's mom is not crazy about this arrangement. If her son
has not returned safely in 72 hours she's going to pull an Amber alert
on him. But Richard is more concerned that time is running out in a
far more serious way. What if he and Skink get there too late and
Malley is badly injured or worse?
On a personal note, this part of Maine is engulfed in yet another
storm. Library will be closed tomorrow. My husband is working crazy
hours. Joey cat continues to recover. I got out long enough to go to
a fine lunch pizza party.
My wonderful son Adam turned 18 Thursday.
A great big shout goes out to my husband and all the others who
grapple with the storm to make life safer for the rest of us. And a
humungous shout out to my Adam of whom I could not be more proud.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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