Monday, April 15, 2013

Waiting For Normal

YA novel
A regular life is what Addie, protagonist of Leslie O'Connor's
Waiting For Normal, wants. She'd love a family that stays together or
even a mother who doesn't live an all or nothing, feast or famine life
style. She gets to spend far too little time with her younger half
sisters who come on rare visits. Her mom had lost custody by leaving
the kids home alone too long.
As the story opens Addie and Mommers are moving into a tiny
trailer. Mommers hates it. Addie, however, is used to change. It's
been the constant in her young life. She settles in to her new abode,
makes friends with the folks who run the local minimart, and is
accepted into her school's stage orchastra.
Clouds loom on the horizon. Mommers' new business associate
seems a bit sketchy. New friend Soula is battling cancer. Dwight,
Addie's stepfather, moves, making visits from her stepsisters fewer
and further between. Everything goes wrong on the day of Addie's
Despite these challenges and the constant danger of the
authorities learning too much and stepping in, Addie remains an
optimist. If she just holds out she'll get the normal life she yearns
for. Telling her story in a straight forward, down-to-earth voice,
she's a heroine you can't help pulling for.
On a personal note, I'm finally getting over a yucky virus. I stayed
to home over the weekend instead of doing Hike for the Homeless and
going to church. There must have been some pretty potent Methodist
prayers offered up on my behalf. Today I am just about myself and
ready to take on the world.
A great big shout out goes out to all the kids and adults waiting for
normal and those who strive to help them find it like my Christine who
works with homeless students.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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