Thursday, August 16, 2012

Girls Don't Fly

YA fction
High school Myra has a life that resembles those of single
parents. In addition to school and work, she spends a lot of time in
charge of her four rambunctious younger brothers. Her parents are
absorbed with the drama of her older sister who has gotten pregnant
and left college.
The bright spot in Myra's life is her future dentist boyfriend
Erik...that is until he breaks up so he can have some space. Her
sister claims she's a doormat, trying to keep everyone happy and being
taken for granted. She wants to get out of the town and life she
feels stuck in. But how?
Well, there's a program that will enable two students from
Myra's high school to go to the Gallapagos Islands for a research
project. She'd have to attend a ten week Saturday class, submit a
winning proposal, and pay $1000. What can go wrong other than...
*Her 4.0 ex boyfriend is also competing. She's been the average
student teachers tend to overlook.
*The money will be quite hard to come by.
*Her parents count on her to care for her brothers and her sister who
is facing life threatenng pregnancy complications.
One of the most endearing and unique features of Girls Don't Fly
is that each chapter starts with the definition of a bird related
word. Not only does this show Myra has a serious scientific interest
and realm of knowledge she doesn't give herself credit for, but each
gives a subtle hint of the chapter's content. The chapter in which
she quits her job after Erik, who also works there, refuses to admit a
mistake and the boss makes an offensive comment about "those Morgan
girls" is preceeded by a definition of molting.
If you want to read about a protagonist you can really get to
care about and root for, you can't do better than Girls Don't Fly.
On a personal note, sadly, my treasured friend and mentor, Paula, Asa
Adams principal, is going on to be a principal in Dexter. Fortunately
that's Dexter, Maine, not Alaska.
A great big shout out goes out to Paula and soon to be interim
principal, Darcie. My girlz are simply the best. And they do fly! :)
Julia Emily Hathaway

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