Monday, April 30, 2012

Tia Isa Wants A Car

Picture book
If you ever want an empowering book to share with a daughter or
granddaughter you can't do better than Meg Messina's Tia Isa Wants A
The narrator lives with her aunt and uncle who, in addition to
maintaining a household on blue collar incomes, must save enough to
bring the rest of their family to the United States. Tia Isa wants
something more. She misses the ocean she grew up beside and wants a
car to take her loved ones to the beach.
Tio Andres deems the idea ridiculous. They aren't rich. They
can walk anywhere they need to go. Since these thoughts clinch the
deal in his mind, he goes on to ask what's for dinner. Undettered,
Tia Isa sets aside money bit by bit. The niece narrator finds ways
she too can earn money.
What makes this book truly special is its basis in Medina's own
childhood experience. You'll love the photo of her family with that
long ago memorable car.
On a personal note, I am overjoyed that I am running unopposed for
reelection to RSU 26 Board of Directors. My BFF Rose says no one else
wants our jobs. WELL I DO and I am in seventh heaven, over the moon...
A great big shout out goes out to my long ago BFF Denise. Back in the
day we cruised around in her BMW convertible attracting much male
attention. Was it the car? Was it the fine ladies? Probably a
little of both.

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