Tuesday, March 6, 2012


YA fiction
Imagine that your one time best friend is found unconscious
outside the convenience store where he works, a gasoline pump nozzle
duct taped into his mouth. It's a hate crime. The words, "Suck this,
faggot," are written in his chest in blood. He is in a coma from
which he may never emerge.
Sherrif Doyle claims that the crime was the work of outsiders.
"Nobody from Black Creek woulda stooped so low." But Cat, heroine of
Lauren Myracle's Shine, is not so sure. She's seen her brother and
his friends acting quite strangely since the incident. Sure that
Doyle will make a pretense of investigating and pin the blame on
phantom drunk out-of-town college boys, she decides that she must
speak for her brutalized friend, Patrick. She must discover the
identity of his attacker and make it known.
This is much easier said than done. Really bad drugs have
infiltrated Cat's small town, plunging many people into contact with
very unsavory characters. Because of the intimacy of connections, it's
hard for Cat to keep what she's trying to do a secret. She has to
though. The killer, possibly desperate enough to do anything to avoid
discovery, may be someone who knows her only too well.
There is also something in Cat's past complicating her situation
even more. Several years ago when she was only thirteen her brother
whom she had idolized had stood by while his friend had tried to rape
her. The experience was so traumatic Cat withdrew emotionally from
everyone she was close to. Now she must confront her past in the
process of seeking the truth.
As she starts closing in on answers, Cat finds herself in
peril. A cow tongue is left on her pillow with a note. "Stop flapping
your tongue, or I'll cut yours out too."
Teens or adults who enjoy a fast paced mystery with an
engrossing plot and believable characters will find Shine to be a
great read.
On a personal note: I am quite proud of myself. I chaired my first
school board meeting. People said I did quite well.
A great big shout out goes out to Michelle, our Veazie Community
School guidance counselor. Her warm personality, sense of humor, and
love for young people serve her well.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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