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YA. Fiction. Realism.
Imagine that you're 16. You've had the same best friend just
about all your life. Then suddenly she becomes evasive, distant,
seemingly reluctant to be in the same room with you. The reason is a
horrifying accusation that pits your loyalty to your friend against
that to your family.
Liz, protagonist of exposed, and her best friend, Kate, have an
argument at a sleepover. When Liz wakes up the next morning Kate is
gone. People are sure the girls will work things out. But Kate has
no intention to. She avoids Liz, saying she needs some space. It
turns out she's accusing Liz's brother, Mike, of raping her the night
of the sleepover.
It's not long before Mike is arrested. Liz doesn't know who to
believe. Her own brother can't be a rapist. But why would Kate make
up such a terrible lie? As her despair grows, even photography--her
passion and career choice--becomes difficult.
Author Kimberly Marcus tells Liz's story hauntingly in poetry.
Every phrase, every word is perfectly chosen. For instance, Liz sees
Kate's mom in CVS when she's shopping for shampoo. She wonders,
"What does she think of me, this woman
Who taught me how to bake cookies from scratch?
Does she hate me, blame me?
Does any part of her miss me?"
Liz is a beautifully nuanced, believable character it's
impossible not to care about. Not surprisingly, Marcus is a clinical
social worker who specializes in adolescent and childhood trauma.
Exposed is her first novel. This humble reviewer sincerely hopes more
will be forthcoming.
On a personal note: I'm enjoying the perfect late summer Maine
weather but missing the kids when they're in school, looking forward
to celebrating my birthday September 21 (also world peace day), and
totally craving a Dairy Queen tropical blizzard.
Coming attractions: we'll look at a book that disputes the idea that
our dysfunctional American health care system is too big to change.
A big shout goes out Geoffrey Wingard as he goes back to the
classroom. My Katie says he is an excellent teacher. He's also a
great board member and really good friend.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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